EXCLUSIVE: DJ Skee & DASH on a Mission to Save Radio (Interview)

Artist Support, Discovery SoundCtrl August 29, 2014

By Dean Shapero • DJ Skee and East Village Radio GM Peter Ferraro launched DASH Radio to create “the leading radio broadcast platform for the digital world” • Believes contemporary radio has lost its “fun” feel to it • Aim “to not only reinvigorate radio, but the music business as well” With an ever-increasing amount

Apple to Drop the Axe on Beats Employees

Industry Commentary SoundCtrl July 31, 2014

- Apple will layoff approximately 30% of Beats employees due to overlap
- Jobs most in jeapordy involve payroll, HR, etc.
- 200 of Beats’s total 700 employees will be let go

Next Generation of Music Discovery – Meet Craaave

Mobile & Tablet SoundCtrl July 31, 2014

- Craaave: where music discovery and messaging meet.
- Could be competing with Google-acquired Shazam: Craaave app able to identify songs played in close proximity.
- Ability to send songs to anyone on any music service, plus save received songs to your library.

Snapchat Could Be Valued at $10 Billion

Misc, Startups SoundCtrl July 30, 2014

- Chinese company Alibaba could invest enough to bring Snapchat to $10B
- Future brand integration could be a vital part of its valuation
- Puts Snapchat at the same pace of growth as Facebook was on

7 Things You Need to Know About Stephen Bryan, SoundCloud’s New SVP

News SoundCtrl July 30, 2014

The former Warner Music Group executive joins the SoundCloud team at an interesting time – let’s breakdown his history and what it could mean for the streaming service

Dr. Martens Launces Brand Tour, Hosts 21 Shows

News SoundCtrl July 29, 2014

Dr. Martens can see the future of advertising, and it lies within everything you care about and identify with.Dr. Martens is hoping to instill the company’s image and they’re famed product, into the personality and culture of indie rock fans.