3 Questions with….Ray from PushLife

Two important things you need to know about me for this interview.  1)  I’ve been a BlackBerry user for 3 years.  2)  Since getting my iPod stolen in Baltimore 2 years while tour managing, I’ve used aforementioned smart phone for all my media needs.  That being said, I think the BlackBerry media player doesn’t aesthetically and functionally fulfill my media consumption needs.

Recently, a few players have stepped up to the plate to (hopefully) save the day, one of which is PushLife.   PushLife aims to revolutionize how people listen to music on their phones targeting the non-iPhone smart phone manufacturers (initially BlackBerry and Android).

I have yet to use the player.  However, I asked Ray Reddy a few questions.  This is what he said:

How does PushLife improve the non-iPhone user’s media experience?

PushLife offers a very intuitive and slick user interface for non-iPhone devices, creating an awesome listening experience on your BlackBerry and Android. Unlike many other music sync applications, users do not have to download and learn how to use a new desktop media player, as PushLife syncs directly with your iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries. Our Smart Sync feature uses algorithms to determine your favorite songs, enabling users to sync all their favorite tunes in just one click.

In addition to easily syncing all your music, PushLife’s listening experience is extremely immersive with artist bios, photos, lyrics and recommended songs. Users can also share the experience with their friends, since the app is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, PushLife offers users a practical solution to managing their music right from their phone. Users can edit songs, create and manage playlists from their phone, and easily sync those changes back to their desktop libraries, so that their music is always up to date. All this, in one easy-to-use and stylish application that will not drain your

Do you have plans to create an in player store? Either for tickets, merch, or digital downloads? If not, how do you plan on monetizing the app?

Yes, the PushLife app features an in player store so that users can download songs on the go. All downloads can be synced back to your desktop computer, giving users full control over their purchases.  The PushLife application recommends songs based on your current music library, providing users with a personalized and convenient shopping experience. Our platform is capable of easily integrating other merchandise such as concert tickets, band merch, and more.

What’s in store for PushLife in 2011?

We have an exciting year ahead of us. The PushLife app will be launching in the US, available through Android Marketplace and BlackBerry App World in January 2011. We will also be adding a few key features, focusing on social music discovery on the mobile device.

Interested?  Intrigued?  Download PushLife.  Follow Ray on Twitter.  And if you’re convinced enough, nominate them for FlashFwd.



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