Amazon Upgrades Cloud Player with Scan-and-Match Technology

By Jessica Wunsch

Due in part to new licensing agreements,, Inc. announced today that it would bring significant updates to Amazon Cloud Player. The agreements included Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music, Universal Music Group and more than 150 independent distributors, aggregators, and music publishers, which will for new scan and match technology. Cloud Player customers will also be able to enjoy their music on their favorite music playing devices, including Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices and any web browser, and soon, Roku streaming players and Sonos home entertainment systems.

Other features on Cloud Player include:

  • Amazon MP3 purchases – including music that customers purchased in the past – are automatically saved to Cloud Player, which means that customers have a secure backup copy of the music they buy from Amazon, free of charge.
  • Amazon scans customers’ iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries and matches the songs on their computers to Amazon’s 20 million song catalog. All matched songs – even music purchased from iTunes or ripped from CDs – are instantly made available in Cloud Player and are upgraded for free to high-quality 256 Kbps audio. Music that customers have already uploaded to Cloud Player also will be upgraded.
  • Any customer with a Kindle Fire, Android device, iPhone, iPod touch, or any web browser – and soon, a Roku streaming player or Sonos home entertainment system – can play their music anywhere.

“We are constantly striving to deliver the best possible customer experience for Cloud Player, and today we are offering our customers a significant set of new features, including scan and match technology and audio quality upgrade,” said Steve Boom, Vice President of Digital Music at Amazon. “We are happy to have such broad industry support in enabling these features for customers.”

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