App Review: The of Hip-Hop? Check Out Mix.HipHop Mixtapes

By Ollie Green

If you’re looking for new hip-hop artists, or want to get hold of a mix tape you may have heard from a friend, Mix.HipHop will help you to find whatever you may be looking for, and will make a truly special addition to your Android device.

Mix.HipHop is essentially a huge encyclopedia of mix tapes available to access straight from the application interface. The main page shows the newest mix tapes available in the application, and also features a search tool to help you find something specific. When clicking on a mix tape, you’ll receive a list of tracks that the mix tape includes and the artist and track info. You’ll then be able to listen to the mix tape straight from the application completely free of charge.

The quality of the audio is usually of a very high standard, and the music player works very smoothly. You can turn the screen off while listening, or use the music player when running other apps, and whilst it plays in the background, you’ll have an icon in the task bar showing information on the current track playing.

Mix.HipHop does require an internet connection to listen to the mix tapes from the app’s music player, but if you don’t have the option to connect to the internet while out and about, Mix.HipHop simply allows you to download the music from the app itself. You can choose whether you’d like to download the whole mix tape or just choose certain tracks.

The download speeds aren’t hugely impressive, but you can sit back whilst it does its thing, and then pick up your Android phone when it’s done, and play your favorite Mixtapes straight from your offline media player.

Mix.HipHop makes it very easy to find hot new artists; with the new mix tapes on the homepage, you’ll always have quick access to new content, and the search feature can help you track down certain sub-genres, or different artist styles, as well as mix tape remixes. You really have such a wide selection of hip-hop songs at your hand with Mix, and whether it is early songs from the legends at the top, or small time artists showcasing their talent, what you listen to is all under your control.

Mix.HipHop Mixtapes is completely free, and can be downloaded from Google Play.