Apps to Bring Your Music to the Beach

by Dave Mainella

The beach is a perfect place to be this 4th of July holiday.  And there’s no need to leave your iPad or iPhone behind.  There are plenty of beach-friendly apps to help you bring your music loving habits to the sea.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

LouderLogic – The beach can be a noisy place, with crashing waves and screaming seagulls hardly a perfect music listening environment.  LouderLogic is an app that smooths out the volume dynamics between songs.  That means you’ll be able to hear every song clearly.  It works with your existing iTunes music library. $3.99

Spotify – If you have a premium subscription to the music streaming service, you’ll have no problem bringing it to the beach.  Your account is synchronized across all platforms (PC, iPhone etc.) so you can bring your favorite surf-rock playlists with you.  Spotify streams via WiFi and 3G, perfect for sandy destinations.  But there’s more.  If you don’t trust your phone’s service provider, you can download playlists directly to your device ahead of time.  And if you aren’t subscribed to the premium service, U.S. users can listen to the radio for free – unlimited songs and stations. Free, but you’ll need a premium subscription to fully enjoy it.

Beachsafe – Staying safe means more fun and more music.  This app outlines what you need to know about everything from rip currents to jellyfish, and offers valuable advice that can help you avoid disaster. Free.

Pianist – The ocean can be an inspiring place for a musician.  This app offers a great piano emulator that features a full 88-key keyboard sampled from an actual piano.  You can record, save, and overdub as often as you like: a great way to get those ideas on wax when the creative juices start flowing. $3.99.

Tide Graph – This handy app means you’ll know when it’s time to move the towels back a bit.  Your iPad doesn’t work as well underwater. $1.99.