Bad Religion Day on UStream

By Jason Epstein

On Sunday Nov 4th, 12pm (EST) to Monday Nov 5th, 12 pm (EST) for 24 hours straight, Bad Religion Day will air on UStream.  Bad Religion, the popular punk rock group that founded in 1979 has a Bad Religion Day each year around this time (just before singer Greg Graffin’s birthday on the 6th), but this year they’re taking it up a notch, utilizing UStream’s live streaming services to bring fans what they’re calling a “Mixtape Marathon” of live music, interviews, and special guests.

Bad Religion Day is also airing for charitable purposes.  The band has decided on Doctors Without Borders, which supply’s doctors and nurses for emergency medical care in war-torn and disaster-ridden countries regardless of the people’s race, religion, or politics.

Besides having special guests and interviews, the band will also be offering text and video chats with their fans who can call in at certain hours, Google Hangouts, and a chat room that will be live throughout the event.  Any musician who is interested in performing or anyone else who’d like to do an interview can contact the Bad Religion Day staff at [email protected]

Though there’s no set schedule for the 24 hour marathon of Bad Religion celebration, there is a hefty list of scheduled guests for the event:

  • Peter Finestone - Drummer of Bad Religion - 1981–1982, 1984–1985, 1986–1991
  • Jay Ziskrout – Founding member/drummer of Bad Religion – 1981
  • A Representative from Doctors Without Borders
  • Irreverend James & The Critical Mass Choir - Band
  • Emily Davis - Singer/Songwriter
  • Paulo Pilha – Singer/Songwriter
  • Michael Long – Bad Religion Shirt Guru
  • Falling By The Wayside – Acoustic Performance
  • Oscar Pleitez – BR Beer Baron
  • Banana Pilots – Band
  • Scott Earth– from New Jersey hardcore band, Silence Equals Death
  • The Accidents – Band
  • Idleminds – Band
  • Dave & Mighty – Musician who has created electronic/synth covers of Bad Religion songs
  • The Best of Us – Band
  • Ken Douglass– Actor/Musician who has recorded and performed Bad Religion acoustic covers
  • Caroline from the BR Addicts FB Page

Bad Religion recently finished recording their follow-up to 2010′s The Dissent of Man while UStream recently celebrated an overhaul of their interface.

Check out the Bad Religion Day promo video here: