Better Know a FlashFWD Nominee: BandPage

by Jason Epstein

BandPage is a free, Facebook-based entertainment app that has over 500,000 active bands that use the service.  The company of the same name is just a little over two years old and allows bands the ability to create their own customized Facebook profile with a plethora of style-choices and media sharing options.  Some of the features are audio and video streaming, tour dates, downloads, integrated Facebook photos and wall, and the band’s biography and contact information.

Recently, BandPage Plus was launched for just $2/month allowing users to customize colors and fonts as well as add a banner.  The company has also made some great partnerships; most notably, they hooked up with Topspin to allow direct-to-fan merchandise sales.

BandPage’s ease of use comes from the simplicity of the product they offer as well as the company’s connection with their users in the form of blogs and innovative partnerships.

SoundCtrl chatted with BandPage CEO and Founder J. Sider to talk about the past, present and future of BandPage…

SoundCtrl - Why is BandPage ahead of the competition?
J. Sider - All of our product and business decisions are driven by our commitment to providing musicians with a platform they can trust to have their best interests at heart. We are a technology company that is driven to empower the music community around the world. We make a point to share Facebook best practices to our musicians and teach them how to better engage their fans. BandPage has been used for a wide variety of social media campaigns, ranging from exclusive single releases to something as simple as fan acquisition.  
SC – What are your suggestions for a band who is just starting out and wants to use BandPage as a good promotional tool?
J - We just released our first edition of “BandPage University” the other day. It covers in depth how the Facebook algorithm works and how to get your posts into more of your fans’ news feeds, more often. For bands just getting started, one of the biggest things that we recommend is to make sure that everything on your Bandpage looks very clean – use a color matching tool to match the colors in the your BandPage to your banner, and upload a large high-resolution photo that fills up the entire BandPage banner space. Another tip is to fill out your entire BandPage profile with content and encourage your fans to Favorite, Like, and RSVP. These actions pay off exponentially because the actions then get posted on your fan’s News Feed, Timeline, and the Ticker, leading to great engagement with your fans.
SC - What will the coming years hold for Band Page?
J - BandPage is all about making things easier for musicians, and putting tools into their hands that genuinely positively impact their career. BandPage will continue to release great products for musicians that both follow consumer trends as well as push the envelope for the music industry. Right now our industry is at a crossroads and a lot of things are changing for musicians as well as management companies and labels. Our aim is to bridge the gap and continue innovating to find solutions that benefit all parties involved. It’s a big task and there’s a lot of work to do… we are committed to be the ones who do the hard work and figure it out.

Jason Epstein is a writer based in the New York City area, and has been writing as long as he can remember.  In his career he’s done a wide variety of pieces and projects including interviews with notable musicians, short stories, comedic commentary, entertainment writing, event coverage, photography and more. He can be reached at Jasonepstein84 at gmail dot com.