Billboard Music and Advertising Conference

Tomorrow and Wednesday is the Billboard Music and Advertising Conference.  SoundCtrl will be there…Alex Kirshbaum, Chris Schlarb, and myself will be holding down the fort.  Come say hello if we don’t beat you to it.

music and advertising

When first looked through the list of speakers a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited about the Devo panel since I had written about the Song Study (including a mini-interview with Warner’s Mike Fabio).  Also, the rest of the conference is filled with other panels that are essential for artists, managers, labels, and ad folk alike.  Sales are down and advertising is a great place to look to fill a part of that lost income for the music industry.  It ain’t the solution, but it definitely helps.

Hope to see some of you at the conference.  And for those who can’t make it, expect recaps of each day, so you can get  gist of what happened.



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