Blog World Expo 2010: On wants off. Off wants on.

I know.  You’re probably thinking that that doesn’t make any sense, but let me explain myself.

I recently came back from Las Vegas where I was speaking at Blog World & New Media Expo about SoundCtrl and Backyard Brunch Sessions on a panel called “We Run Your Culture:  How Magazine Are Using Social Media to Curate Culture.”

blog world and new media expo 2010 logo

The main insight that was reaffirmed from my co-panelists was that offline entities want to do things online and online entities are trying to do things offline.  New York Times or Rolling Stone need to offer online content for the same reason why Pitchfork or Mashable need to do events, conferences, and festivals.  This is the exact same reason why Soundctrl has expanded from just events to online content as well.

Off/on compliment each other.  There’s no denying that you can reach greater mass using the Internet, but I still stand by the truth that you gain deeper connections in person.  You shake hands.  You look them in the eye.  Also, these offline gatherings become amazing ammo for online content, so it’s a win-win situation.

So if you’re a concert promoter, for example, get a Facebook page.  On the flipside, if you run a blog, think about hosting a Tweetup (note:  I hate the word Tweetup) or any content-relevant event to gather your community together in person and encourage them to invite their friends because people are always looking for a reason to get together and connect with new folks.



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