App Review: DeliRadio

by Dave Mainella

Last fall, SoundCtrl discussed the idea of hyperlocalism – “creating super-niche products for a specific community”.  The trend continues with DeliRadio’s app for local social radio.

DeliRadio, also accessible through its website, offers free, location-based, streaming music.  The hyperlocal service gives users the opportunity to listen to emerging bands performing nearby and established artists passing through town on tour.

The app performs accurately and easily.  After installing and opening the app on your iPhone or Android device, the immediate call-to-action is a simple “Quick Play,” creating a playlist based on your automatically detected geographical location.  The music begins, with most of the visual space consumed by the track’s artwork.  The app also displays basic information, including artist, track name, and when and where the band is playing next.  A simple music player at the bottom allows pause, skip, and back-track functionality.

Tapping the info link displays a biographical write-up of the band, all upcoming shows for the next two months (powered by Songkick), and links to the band’s websites and social media outlets.  There are also links to directly purchase music.  DeliRadio boasts that they do not take any commission or fee out of digital sales through their app.

A glance at the entire location-generated playlist reveals an incredibly wide range of bands performing at most nearby venues over the next two days.  While I’m sure the list is far from complete (New York is certainly a saturated music environment), it offers more than enough of a selection to choose from, or simply listen to.  DeliRadio has 100% artist consent for streaming music.

DeliRadio also includes a database of local venues where each venue lists all of their upcoming shows, a trending and featured category, and filters by proximity, genre, and date.

Signing up for a free account grants access to additional features like bookmarking tracks and artists, creating and saving your own stations, and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and directly from phone to phone – social aspects of the app that seem key to its sustainability and growth.

The app performs exactly as advertised, making it easy to find nearby shows and preview the music.  It would be interesting (and perhaps nearly impossible) to note the effectiveness in drawing concert-goers.

The DeliRadio app is available for free at the iTunes App store and through Google Play.