App Review: Hum A Song To Kill The Boredom

By Lisa Bernier

After Shazam and Google essentially killed “what’s that tune?” bar games, the App Hum A Song revitalizes the concept, turning musical memory gaffes into a game.

Developed by Hibernum Studios, the app works on the principle of “Name That Tune,” except you are the singer. With thousands of well known songs in its library (including hip hop and rap), the player listens to a tune, hums it into the phone, then sends it to a friend. The friend listens to the “hum” and then sends back an equally amateur rendition of say, “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” back for the player to guess.

When opening the app, you see the status of your friends, and what stage of the game they are playing. You can then choose between three game modes: Duet, Party, or Random. In Duet, you and 1 other friend play. Party mode allows up to 3 friends to play at once, while Random matches you up with another user of the app, luck of the draw style.

Once you’re in the game, you have a plethora of song styles and genres to choose from. Pop, rock, rap, Alternative – the song-wise world is your oyster.

When you’re playing a friend, that friend’s profile is shown on the screen. You’re under a time limit, and only get 3 tries to guess the song. You also have the option for hints or keywords that are revealed to help you guess the song.

At the moment, as a promotion for the app’s recent release, all the songs in the library are currently unlocked. This will most likely change after a period time, and either charging (or levels) will take its place.

If you are out of your mind bored and really want to sing—sorry, hum—back and forth with a friend, then download this app. It’s available on iPhone and iPad and free to boot. The kind of app you play once and are done, it’s made even more inaccessible by being connected to Facebook (the login is through your Facebook profile). Now, if you don’t have a Facebook profile or are hesitant to connect the app, that can make Hum A Song annoying.

UPDATE: Hum A Song has released highly-requested additions include support for email invitations and a streamlined interface that lets players specifically challenge friends who have Hum A Song installed. Users are no longer required to connect to Facebook.

YouTube trailer of Hum A Song below: