FanFueled: Keeping Fans Engaged in Digital Marketing

by Dave Mainella

The success of a live music event is important for musicians, brands, and the audience.  The relationship between the three is what determines the event’s success.  FanFueled cleverly recognizes the importance of the audience in this relationship with marketing support for brands and musicians that emphasizes fan engagement.

A Chicago-based social media engagement marketing company, FanFueled offers clients the opportunity to reach exponentially expanding numbers of consumers through one device: sharing.  FanFueled offers fans the opportunity to receive special perks and prizes in exchange for their sharing power.

It works like this: fans purchase tickets to an event such as a music festival or concert.  Then they share that event throughout their social media circles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In return, fans earn points that accumulate and can be cashed in for rewards like VIP upgrades, meet-n-greets, and other unique experiences.

FanFueled’s unique marketing device is based on recently patented, umbrella-like technology that not only tracks one user’s social media imprint, but the rippling effect on many other users as well.  Fans are then rewarded for both their own immediate online engagement and the further engagement that results.

According to FanFueled founder and CEO Anderson Bell, the technology is completely transparent.  As fans share their experiences via social networks, information is gathered and the fans’ sharing power is tracked.  FanFueled’s clients can then identify and reward fans based on, ultimately, their contributions to the success of an event.

FanFueled is leading the way into a digital marketing environment based on internet sharing, rather than simply internet advertising.  Anderson Bell explains that there is a lot of passion built up in an audience, and model’s like the one his company is pioneering “views fan passion as a resource, harnessing rather than exploiting it.”

“For fans,” Bell continues, “it provides a second chance to earn a unique experience where influence and loyalty are now a currency.”

There are already a number of events and organizations partnering with Fan Fueled to encourage growth via fan sharing.  The Roxy is one venue utilizing FanFueled Engage, which takes social sharing to the next level by offering a structured social game system that both promotes the event and rewards the passionate fans.  Other events like the Ultra Music Festival, Wavefront Music Festival in Chicago, and LXM PRO are similarly soliciting FanFueled’s help in this new kind of online promotion.

Moving forward, FanFueled hopes to continue to build upon it’s Engage platform, encouraging fans to digitally participate in the experiences they love.  Bell says licensing out their proprietary software is something the company is excited about as well.  Companies are realizing there are changing dynamics in digital marketing, and FanFueled offers a way to utilize passionate audience engagement.

Dave Mainella is a musician, producer, composer, and writer living in
New York. He graduated from New York University in 2011 with a Jazz
Studies degree. See what he’s up to @DaveMainella.