Insider Interview: Edward Donnelly – CEO, Aderra Media

By Jason Epstein

Aderra Media, a company specializing in the recording and near-instant distribution of live events, has an impressive list of clients including everyone from Lady Gaga to Metallica.  So, why does everyone want to work with them?  It’s Aderra Media’s forward-thinking services and modern technological approach to live music that makes artists extra money and fans extra happy.  We spoke to CEO Edward Donnelly about the company’s proprietary technology, the services it provides, and the artists that take advantage of it.

Sound Ctrl: Ed, can you tell us a bit about the products and services Aderra Media offers like Live in a Flash! USB Technology, All you Need is Live Event Recording Services, Back to the Present Video Capture Technology, and PushOvr™ Content Delivery?

Edward Donnelly: Aderra is a digital content distribution company that captures live events (concerts, conferences and worship services) and then delivers the audio or video via mobile phone downloads, Smartphone apps, web downloads and flash drives.  All of this delivery is powered by our PushOvr platform which allows us to send content directly to an end user via a mobile or desktop app.

This content can be updated and added to at any time following the live event. We can also use PushOvr to stream exclusive video that cannot be viewed anywhere on the web directly to the app.

Our legacy technology, Live in a Flash! (in which we burned flash drives on-site) is still used on rare occasions.  Aderra now predominantly uses the newer technologies to deliver content.

In addition to live event content we have also done a number of projects with pre-loaded catalog content that still takes full advantage of being update-able via PushOvr.

SC: Something about USB wristbands seems awesome and futuristic, is Aderra the first company to come up with something like that?

ED: We didn’t invent the wristbands but in the early days [we] thought they would be a great way for fans to take live recordings home with them.  The first substantial tours we worked on with the wristbands were Willie Nelson and Matchbox Twenty.  The most popular USB form factor we work with these days is a “backstage pass” style lanyard and laminate.

SC: Can you tell me a bit about the specs of the end-product audio that is offered to fans through these?

ED: Audio quality runs the gamut from 192kbps MP3s to uncompressed WAVs and high resolution FLACs.

We did a project for Apple Corp. and delivered the entire Beatles catalog in higher than CD resolution FLACs.  Once we have captured the performance we can deliver in any format and have even pressed 180gram vinyl!

SC: Who are some of the most interesting clients you’ve worked with and why?

ED: We’ve worked with over 150 touring artists in the past few years plus some great speakers and lecturers.  The most interesting clients have been those who are fearless about new technology and take full advantage of everything we can offer.  OK Go, Deadmau5, Killola and Hay House Publishing come to mind as some of our more forward-thinking clients.

SC: What are some exciting upcoming projects you’re working on and clients you’re working with?

ED: A bunch of the acts we have been on the road with over the last couple of years have new records coming out in early 2013.  We’re looking forward to getting back on the road again with them. In addition, we just did our first project at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and we’re looking forward to doing more work there too.