Introducing the DOT MUSIC Initiative

Hello SoundCtrl Community,

I wanted to reach out about an important initiative that we believe in and for which we ask for your support.

Since 2005, under the slogan “We Are Music,” .MUSIC (DOT MUSIC) has embarked upon a global communication outreach campaign to launch the .MUSIC Top-Level Domain name and its Initiative. An upcoming filing with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) later this month will finalize what has been a long process in securing the .music suffix registry. Soon artists, venues, labels, agencies, startups, and more, will be able to reserve domain names with .music – (i.e.

.MUSIC is the exclusive, global Top-Level Domain (TLD) name that gives music entities and the music community a unique identity online and a web standard for official music websites. The specialized .MUSIC web address ensures that your brand is associated with a memorable, self-explanatory and trusted badge that enhances your online visibility. It paves the way for the next-generation of the Internet and the future of music, by building a home to everything related to music. The .MUSIC Initiative’s mission is focused on:

• Music education and the study of music in school curriculum
Fighting piracy and protecting trademarks & music intellectual capital
• Musicians’ welfare, rights & fair compensation
• Enriching society with artistic & cultural diversity by promoting global music and the arts
• Innovation in both the music and Internet space

The .MUSIC Initiative has already received over 1.5 million signatures. In order to ensure entities get their domains reserved at the launch, we are soliciting interest from those affiliated with the music industry. If you sign up, you will be contacted when your desired domain name is available. The projected launch date is Q1 2013. Don’t miss your chance to reserve your domain and take part in this historic moment.

To participate, sign the .MUSIC Initiative Top-Level Domain Interest Form.

All the best,

Jesse K