Mixify – The Never-Ending Electronic Music Festival

By Jason Epstein

Mixify – “The Never-Ending Electronic Music Festival” as they like to refer to themselves – is a sweet new site dedicated to the intriguing craft of the disc jockey.  I explored the veritable audio playground that is Mixify as a “Fan” (you can also go in as a “DJ” to upload your own tracks for purchase, among other nifty activities) and found the site/service an easy-to-use, fun experience.

At the homepage, you’re immediately greeted by mischievous and colorful cartoon-age and a simple lay-out.  One click into the “Fan” side brings you to a currently trending cover story at the top and community events below.  Signing up is as simple as it is free (totally) and will allow you access to all parts of the site.

Speaking of, let’s take a look at each section of the website:

Join an event where you and other cartoon avatars can hop into a virtual club and listen as your DJ blasts some bumpin’ tracks.  It’s like an animated chat-room with live music and might just be the perfect thing to turn up to eleven at your next house party.

The mixer is a super cool way to grab some of the available audio tracks (the selection is pretty limited as of August 2012) and then play around with different samples and speeds to create your own remixes.  You can also mix two songs at a time into a delicious, nasty mess of sonic trickery and wonder.  What would be really awesome, though, would be the ability to upload your own tracks directly to the site and then DJ them up, producing your own fan-remixes which you could then host, download, and even sell.

The Mixify mixer

Charts help you to keep track of who’s currently hot and what’s currently trending on Mixify.  But don’t forget about the newbies toward the bottom of the list, because they could easily be the next thing trending.

DJ Portal
Contains a wealth of bite-sized tutorials for DJs including everything from taking Mixify on tour to hosting events with real-time fan-feedback.

Mixify is currently in its Beta phase and will almost certainly be rolling out more features and functionality as it nears completion.  Check it out at mixify.com