Roundware: Connecting Spaces, People, and Sensory Experiences

Discovery, Misc, Mobile & Tablet, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 24, 2014

By Kira Grunenberg This past weekend, on a single floor of the Microsoft New England Research and Development Labs, the Music Tech Fest, Boston edition, crammed in three full and continuous days of presentations, demos, questions and answers. One of many laudable presentations from the festival was Roundware, presented by sound artist and musician Halsey Burgund.

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Can Pono Change the Face of Mainstream Audio Quality?

Discovery, Industry Commentary, Mobile & Tablet, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 24, 2014

By Jason Epstein “WE’RE NOT CHANGING MUSIC. WE’RE LETTING MUSIC CHANGE YOU”, is the message emblazoned across Pono’s landing page. PonoMusic promises to take artist-approved master recordings and put them in the listener’s hands, with fidelity anywhere from 6 to 30 times that of a regular MP3 file. This is Neil Young’s (a man who is

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Happy Birthday, Twitter! Oops.

Industry Commentary, Misc, News SoundCtrl March 21, 2014

Twitter, the social media site and micro-blogging platform responsible for some of the most salient advances in media and technology, as well as some of the most contemptible offenses in culture, has turned eight years old today. To celebrate, Twitter has launched #FirstTweets, which will dig up your very first Tweet from its archives (hope

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London’s Music Tech Fest Comes to Boston

Artist Support, Discovery, Events, Live Music, Misc, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 21, 2014

By Kira Grunenberg With a plethora of digital devices and music players perforating modern life, you’d think that the relationship between music and technology would be a more widely discussed topic. Despite the many startups that merge tech and music, a dedicated platform that brings together the growing, lucrative music technology sector is still quite

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Traktor Audio 2: Tiny, Loud, and Portable

Artist Support, Mobile & Tablet, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 20, 2014

By Ruben Lone Native Instruments has released the newest, smallest device in its line of digital DJ hardware, the Traktor Audio 2. As “the world’s smallest audio interface,” the Audio 2 is an ultra-compact, high-quality sound card, processing audio at 24-bit/48 kHz. Made for use with Traktor’s iOS app Traktor DJ, as well as the Traktor

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Inside The Moog Room at Rough Trade NYC

Discovery, Events, Live Music, Misc, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 19, 2014

A disorienting blend of whirrs, beeps, hisses, sirens, and the occasional chord stab inundates the open, concrete warehouse of New York’s recently opened Rough Trade record store.  In an elevated boxcar just past the building entrance, the legendary synthesizer company Moog has installed several rigs of modular synthesizers, open to the public for play, experimentation, and

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