• Automatic Apps Could Save Lives, But Are Still Kind of Creepy

    By Jason Epstein If the financial and logistical cost of outfitting every audible alarm with a visual detector for the deaf (and vice versa for the blind) wasn’t somewhere beyond astronomical and impossible, the world would be doing right by our disabled brothers and sisters. But until that happens, we turn to apps that automatically
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  • Coachella Upgrades with Apple’s iBeacon Technology

    By Carolyn Heneghan Coachella has announced that it will bring some of the latest in Apple technology to its festival attendees: iBeacon. The iBeacon is a small device that communicates with iPhones via Bluetooth to deliver proximity-based information, navigation, and notifications. On the official Coachella app, an update on April 9th says, “Enable On-site iBeacon notifications
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  • Red Bull Music Academy Festival 2014 Preview

    By Briana Cheng  It all began 15 years ago in a backyard of a Berlin warehouse, and now in 2014, Red Bull Music Academy is returning to New York with a month-long festival in May. RBMA was in New York City just last year, with its prestigious production academy, hosting workshops for a select group
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  • Sonos and Google Play Nice

    By Jason Epstein Owners of Sonos wireless speakers are typically a proud bunch who tout its excellent sound quality and app-integration.  And there’s good news for them – Google Play and Sonos are finally starting to play nice with each other.  Now you can open Google Play Music and stream it to your Sonos speaker
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  • The Four Finalists of the Moogfest Circuit Bending Challenge

    Now in its 4th year, Moogfest presents the Circuit Bending Challenge, which invites engineers to hack everyday objects to create new instruments. Sponsored by MAKE Magazine, the contest has whittled down to four finalists, whose inventions have been selected by a panel of judges, including Mark Frauenfelder (MAKE Magazine), Ryan Germick (Google), Amos Gaynes (Moog Music), and Andy Huges (Moog Music).
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VIDEO: Fireside Chat with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

Discovery, News SoundCtrl November 12, 2012

Last Thursday, PandoMonthly hosted a Fireside Chat with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek in New York City. The full two-hour chat (along with audience Q&A) is available on PandoDaily’s YouTube channel. Watch below.

Re:Mix Lab Fueled by Hyundai – Seattle, November 17

Events, News SoundCtrl November 12, 2012

Hyundai is presenting the Re:Mix Lab at Showbox in Seattle. On Saturday, November 17, the evening will be capped with performances by CRNKN, Nacho Picasso, and Capital Cities. Doors are at 9pm. For more information, head over to Hyundai’s Facebook page. Make sure you RSVP here.


Axel Boman and The Radioactive Orchestra

News SoundCtrl November 12, 2012

By Kira Grunenberg In one form or another, music can be preserved and be ever-present – whether through hardware or in the mind – but there always seems to be an intangible and invisible component involved in bringing it to primary human awareness, whether it’s electrical currents, waves of vibration or neurological recollection. How interesting

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SoundCtrl presents the Re:Mix Lab Fueled by Hyundai – Los Angeles, November 9

Events, News SoundCtrl November 8, 2012

SoundCtrl is teaming up with Hyundai to present the Re:Mix Lab – three days of panels, performances, and technology demonstrations all at 401 S Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles. On Friday, November 9, the evening will be capped by a performance by Southern California artists Casey Veggies, Wavves, and Sound Remedy. From 8-10pm there

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Gear: Traktor Kontrol Z2

News SoundCtrl November 8, 2012

By Hannah Daly This week popular software Traktor released a futuristic new mixer with an equally space age-y name. Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol Z2 offers artists a compact and portable controller with a whole new world of customizable options. Beyond integrating seamlessly with the most up to date software itself, the Z2 can shift between

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App Review: Tonetic – Your Very Own Ringtone Creations

Mobile & Tablet, News SoundCtrl November 8, 2012

By Carolyn Heneghan Depending on your phone’s built-in ringtones, your ringer may be a catchy tune or your eardrum’s kiss of death. If you don’t have the time or money to browse purchasable ringtones, there are applications available to help you create your own ringtone. The Tonetic app from Space Lama aims to make every

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