Road to FlashFWD: Loudie

Since FlashFWD is fast approaching, I decided to interview a few contenders.

For this first interview, I had a chat with Lance Dashoff who is the founder of Loudie, which is Twitter-like (note:  this is completely separate from Twitter) mobile conversation app for individual concerts.  This means you don’t see the noise of your entire Twitter stream and get to connect directly with friends and other people who are you at the same show as you without the burden of using up your text messages.

After downloading the app, I browsed around and asked Lance a few questions:

1.  Do you think Loudie will be successful as a stand alone communications platform or do you plan on integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.? Why or why not?

Yes, I think it will be successful as a stand alone platform. It’s a place for people who are into music, may or may not go to shows, but want to stay informed. We are not trying to be Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare.  However, we do integrate with Facebook and it gives comments related to music better context than they usually would receive.

2.  How do you plan on monetizing this app? Ads? Sponsored conversation streams? Partnerships with festivals? Something else?

We are going to let our users dictate that to us. We have a few methods in place: news, deals and credentials all of which could be monetized in the near future.

3.   What are some goals for the end of 2011? (app downloads, funding, endorsements from artists…)

All of the above.  In terms of specific benchmarks we are targeting any and all artists that want to be involved.  From American Idol to Arcade Fire.  Today for example, if you check into a Jared Evan (Interscope) show you will earn a free Jared Evan iPhone case and mixtape.

If you’re interested, download Loudie in the iTunes app store for free, use it at an upcoming show, and let us know what you think.



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