…so you want a free trip to SXSW???

Hopefully everyone knows about FlashFwd, SoundCtrl’s (in conjunction with Pepsi Music) new program to give a chance for FIVE, and I repeat, FIVE people to get a free trip to SXSW to talk about their ideas/company to reform the music industry on March 16 (aka the only day where interactive meets music).

At the SoundCtrl labs, a few of us got thinking, “what are some standards we should set for people to be considered?”, sooooooooo here you guys/gals go:

  • Does your idea/your work/your company fill a void in the music industry?
  • Is your idea working?
  • Do you have a web presence?
  • How well does your presence measure on a metrics/analytic tool (Google, Compete, Quantcast, etc…)?
  • What are you doing to promote FlashFwd and getting people to nominate you?  (Note:  we want to see creativity)

Seems straight forward enough…any questions?  HOWEVER, first you need 50 nominations, so get cracking!!!



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