SoundCtrl Top List: 5 Music Apps are Just the Ticket

by Evan Fasanella

Break free from the “ball and chain” desktop ticket hunt with these mobile versions
of today’s best sites to browse shows and grab the tickets you want, when you want them.
New technology in mobile devices makes not only finding shows, but managing tickets on time and finding reasonable prices.


-User-friendly, no clutter ticketing app
-Tickets can often be found here before other sites
-Find the best deals without having to worry about receiving a “bad ticket”

-With hidden fees and no ability to sell, this could be called “your parents’ ticketing site”
-Convenience charges, order processing fees, “print your own ticket” fees…


-Highly informative and collective database of shows, artists and venues
-From a 30,000+ stadium concert to the 300 capacity indie band club, it’s all listed with event details
-Easy to navigate and brings you right to the purchase screen on an affiliate’s site.

-Users can only buy tickets through partner sites or the venue’s site inevitably navigating away from the app where you end up purchasing from another site
-There is no “search by genre” function. Users can scroll through shows by artist, city, or venue, so know what you want going in


-Clean cut mobile site, sans a lot of junk or ads clogging up screen space.
-Very easy to navigate and checkout
-Grants users a “mobile ticket” on iPhone, so gone are the days will call, US mail, or print at home tickets
-Social media-friendly with daily updates so you can see what hot tickets your cyber network just snagged. Or more importantly, share your own…

-If you can’t make the show, there’s no way to sell your ticket
-Limited list of artists, shows, genres and venues—even some very notorious ones


-Users can always find someone selling a ticket you need
-Available on iPhone and Droid
-Very user friendly and with worry free ticket selling and buying

-The app takes 15% of your sale if selling, and adds 10% if you’re buying
-You never know how many times your ticket has been bought> inflated> and re-sold
-More like a money-making machine rather than a tool for ticket-seekers

Live Nation

-Specifically oriented to concerts and festival event ticket sales
-They incentivize by dropping sweet promotions such as most recent “No service fee June”
-Innovative seating map for select venues, which allows you to check where you or your friends are seated

-Massive scale site freeze-up in 09′ for Phish fans purchasing tickets that has still left a bad taste in some mouths
-Most recently, Springsteen tickets ended up in the hands of scalpers instead of the fans and were inflated to close to $4,000