Apply Now: MIDI HACK at Spotify Stockholm

Artist Support, Events, Industry Commentary, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 25, 2014

By Ruben Lone. A new music technology hackathon is headed to Stockholm, Sweden in May. MIDI HACK, a day-long, 24 hour hackathon, will bring together a community of industry leaders, start-ups, software developers, hardware fanatics and musicians to celebrate the protocols and technologies at the foundation of analog and digital music creation. The event will focus primarily

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[Interview] Shehzad Daredia, CEO of

Discovery, Industry Commentary, Misc, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl March 12, 2014

By B. Parker The newly launched isn’t the next new music streaming service — it’s every streaming service in one place.  In an age when every new startup seems to have the final answer in the business of something as abstract as music, Bop is leveraging the larger interests of the fan-pleasing platforms to

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The Future of Social Music, Presented by Spotify

Events, Misc, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl February 20, 2014

With Social Media Week coming to a close, Spotify is capping the week by hosting The Future of Social Music, Presented by Spotify at the Highline Stages tomorrow, February 21. Below is the rundown of the morning’s events, featuring a expert list of industry pros from some of the most influential labels, technology companies, and new sources

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The Rise of the Streaming DJ

By SoundCtrl During this year’s annual four-day MIDEM festival in Cannes, Music Hack Day featured an innovative engineer named Yuli Levtov, who discovered a way to DJ with Spotify streams. The Spotify-enabled app has been a fantasized technology for the last few years, mainly as a result of diffiicult licensing structures and logistics for app

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Soundrop Refreshes Its Spotify App and Releases on Android

Discovery, Misc, Mobile & Tablet, News, Top 5 SoundCtrl December 30, 2013

Social music app Soundrop has recently launched a new Spotify app, with a bright, clean interface and more efficient interactions between users. Soundrop allows music listeners to form small communities in genre-specific or thematic “rooms,” in which users add and vote up songs and chat with other members. Soundrop is also pegging artists to join

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Spotify Tops Off 2013 With Freebies, Led Zeppelin, And A Year In Review

By Brian Parker It has certainly been a formative year for the Sweden-based Spotify, if not a busy one for their marketing team.  The streaming service received backlash from Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich back in October, veraciously speaking on behalf of burgeoning artists who receive notably low per-play payments.  A variety

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