Web App-ening: Sound Calendar

By Mike Lamardo

User-oriented apps for music fans are blowing up more and more in the music tech world with the further developments in iOS-based products. Some of them have responded to the many needs and desires of fast-moving navigators, and others just haven’t seemed to live up to the match. It isn’t just the users that are quick to act, but also artists who consistently put out new material for the fans faster than they can get their hands on them.

If you find yourself unable to satisfy your musical appetite, and are constantly looking for something new to listen to (and I mean new!), then you might find yourself in luck with the recently released app called Sound Calendar.

Sound Calendar was developed by Australian-based Harmonic New Media, who is responsible for the creation of Australian-focused iPhone apps such as Your Local Greengrocer and 96fm.

What Sound Calendar does is take the music that exists on your iOS device (iTouch or iPhone), and lets you know of when the artists that you listen to are releasing new material.

All artists in your iTunes are automatically synched with Sound Calendar, and whenever you open up the app, Sound Calendar will immediately pick up on any updates that you might have made to your iTunes library.

Not only that, but in the Pandora fashion, it finds similar artists that match up to what you have and also let you know when their music is being released as well. If you rather not be told about similar artists and their releases, you have the option to disable this feature.

All in all, Sound Calendar gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the curve with new music possibly before anyone else does, (unless everyone else has Sound Calendar).

Don’t be mislead into thinking it’s simply a news feed app, because you can also preview and purchase the music that you are notified with via Sound Calendar as well.

Not everyone is willing to sift through the Apple iTunes store, which seems to be growing at an unimaginable rate everyday, so hopefully Sound Calendar will alleviate some of the stress that music consumers get about feeling behind with the times – even if they do have everything.

Sound Calendar is currently available in the iTunes store for $2.99.

As a musician and writer originally from New York, Mike currently contributes to a number of music industry blogs, offering his social critiques of music and culture on ZME Music, entertainment articles on DX3.net and even a blog about craft beer and the community on the Washington Times Communities blog. Mike currently resides in Raleigh, NC.