Buzzfeed and Rdio Let Readers Comment with Music

by Dave Mainella

Buzzfeed, the social news organization that balances original reporting with trending content, recently unveiled a feature allowing users to respond to and comment on articles with music provided by streaming service Rdio.

The idea that music sometimes best sums up our thoughts and feelings is certainly nothing new.  Buzzfeed and Rdio’s partnership provides an interesting way to share and publicly express our personal musical reactions.

Every Buzzfeed article has a reaction section at the bottom, giving users the opportunity to tag a story with several badges like “LOL”, “win”, “geeky”, and “old”.  If these tags don’t do your reaction justice, you can now also click an Rdio music button that opens a window and lets you search for and pick a song that best matches your reaction.

Browsing through the reactions posted reveals a handful of others’ song choices that a user can click on and listen to.  Those without an Rdio account are limited to a 30 second clip of the song, which is usually more than enough to understand the essence of the track and its relationship with the article.

Buzzfeed takes pride in a being very involved with social media, taking cues from the trending internet and offering easy social interaction.  Users are only allowed to “react” or comment on articles if they are signed in with a Buzzfeed account or through Facebook.

The partnership with Rdio continues the trend of incorporating social media into news and information.  It connects content with outside media, helping to spin a huge web of digital interaction.  Both Buzzfeed and Rdio stand to benefit; Buzzfeed pulls in readers by offering a unique way to become involved and Rdio has access to a large readership that might sign up for its service.

While the actual feature itself isn’t anything more than a novelty, there’s no reason for Buzzfeed and other publisher’s to continue to incorporate similar music dynamics into different forms of media.  It would seemingly benefit a publisher like Buzzfeed to spin the biggest digital web, and partnerships like the one with Rdio are a move in that direction.