California Headphones: Gearing Headphones to Music Genres

by Sarah Polonsky

The fine folks over at TechCrunch are making me worried with their latest coverage on California Headphones. Much like Beats By Dre, are targeting a specific demographic with clear marketing and unique styling. But these headphones are more than just looking the part. They’re tuned to better match the musical style of rock and country, with less pounding bass and a heaver investment in mids and highs.

SoundCtrl knows where this is headed. We’re soon going to have NO CHOICE but to purchase specific headphones for every music genre in order to keep up with all the future technology happenings. Try and wrap your headphoned head around that.

California Headphones turned to Kickstarter for its first round of units. As of this writing, the company has raised $35k in pre-orders. If successful, backers will get a set of headphones at a significant discount from the eventual MSRP. Pledge $65 to get a Laredo (which will MSRP at $99.95) or $135 for the Silverado.

Mosey on over to TechCrunch to learn more about the Laredo and the Silverado, hillbillies! Happy Honky Tonk Listening!

See California Headphones’ Kickstarter video after the jump…