App Review: Timbre – Checking Out Music Venues Before You Check In

By Lisa Bernier

If you are a music lover—correction—if you are a live music lover, this app is a must have.

Created by Interpid Pursuits (who also naturally have a fancy video about the app on their website) Timbre is a free app that allows you to search local venues to see what artists and shows are playing. Available to download via iPhone (not Android unfortunately) whether you’re strolling around town and feel a yen for a concert, or you’re visiting a city and want to know what’s playing there, Timbre is a great app for you to use.

The app has a very simple interface. Open it up and you can immediately search for a city in the upper left hand corner search box.  The top of the screen also gives you the settings icon and Timbre info as well.

Once you enter a city, choices of artists on corresponding show dates immediately pop up.

When you click on an artist, you are then directed to a page featuring the artist plus the venue they are playing, the date, and a sample song of the artist.

If you wish to listen to the song, select it and it will play it for you. Once you’re in the song, the app gives you multiple options. On the top of the screen, you can share to social networking via Twitter or Facebook.  You can also buy tickets to the show. At the bottom is an icon that allows you to purchase the song through iTunes.

If you don’t like the song you selected, you only need to swipe the screen for the app to re-direct you to other choices.  The app has over 65,000 artists and 75,000 venues to select from, so there is great variety.  It is also constantly adding cities, artists, and countries and currently covers the entire United States.

Though the app originally had a few problems with incorrect zip codes and unexpected crashing, the developers have recently ironed out the bugs. They also encourage users to give them feedback via the contact email [email protected].

Timbre is simple, smart, fun, and useful.  Unlike other venue apps like Songkick Concerts and Ontour, Timbre does not search your device’s existing music database. While this may make it harder to find your groove, it does allow you to stretch your horizons to other artists.  For a night out on the town with no set plans, this app could definitely give you a great music experience with very little trouble.

Watch the official Timbre video below: