Did Android Just Turn Into A Real Music App Platform?

via Eliot Van Buskirk – evolver.fm

Even though Android recently increased its lead the most-used smartphone operating system in the U.S. (50.9 percent, according to Comscore), app developers have long prefered iOS to Android. That goes double for music app developers – blame Android’s problematic system mixer, latency that makes real-time audio apps like instruments and DJ mixers feel sluggish, and hardware variation that makes developing any Android app a challenge compared to building for Apple’s uniform device line.

Android 4.1 — also called Jellybean, because Google nicknames its operating system after sweets the same way Apple names its desktop systems after predatory cats — should solve many of these problems. Nothing in life is certain, but all indications are that these improvements could lead to something of a renaissance for music apps on Android, and at the very least, they will eventually solve many of the problems encountered by music app developers there, with positive implications for music fans.

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