Dubspot Offering Free 30 Lesson Online Course + 30-Day Live Trial

By Jessica Wunsch

Interested in a free lesson, especially one that can help turn your personal sound into a sonic reality? NY-based DJ school Dubspot is now offering a special 30/30 promotion where Ableton Live users can receive 30 free video lessons when they download and activate Ableton’s free 30-day trial of the software.

This free course packs a lot of material into its 30 lessons, with online classes that include DJing with Live, Beat Programming, Simple Sound Design, and Producing a Remix. Developed by Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck, participants will learn how to quickly start making music thanks to an array of advanced instructional videos and modules.

Enrolled users also will get the chance of take part in a Dubspot sponsored remix contest for one of the tracks heard in the 30/30 course. The winner of the remix contest, chosen personally by Thavius, will receive a QuNeo MIDI controller from Keith McMillen Instruments.

Enrollment into the program starts now, and those who enroll by July 7 will have the entire month of July to access the videos and modules as often as they want and go through the lessons. Also, if you enroll and get a perfect score on each of the brief quizzes contained in the course, you will be eligible to win a place in Dubspot’s 6-level Ableton Producer Program (along with a free copy of the Live 8 Suite software).

Enroll today, as well as find more information at Dubspot.com.