Gadget of the Week: VinylRecorder T560

by Keith Nelson Jr.

Vinyl, with its rich vintage sound, limited edition runs and catnip effect on hipsters alike, are more so representations of history rather than simply relics.  Imagine if you could turn any 30 minutes of music into history? Straight from Southern Germany engineering duo Fritz and Ulrich Sourisseau comes The VinylRecorder T560 equipped with stereo recording capabilities onto 7”, 10”, and 12” vinyl blanks, (even colored vinyl), at speeds of speeds of 33rpm, 45rpm, and 78rpm.

While the VinylRecorder T560 has been floating around in internet obscurity for a few years, it was recently showcased at SXSW.  During an age where musicians are recording albums on their iPhones, the VinylRecorder T560’s durability and novelty will attract the casual DIY artists and DJ enthusiasts. However, the price tag (3200 Euros, $4261.12 US) and intricacy (a turntable, amp and vacuum cleaner are prerequisite items) turn the VinylRecorder T560 a sizeable investment for any musician. Fritz and Ulrich Sourisseau understand the steep learning curve and includes detailed assembly instructions, basic information on vinyl, and more useful resources on their official website to help you turn Justin Beiber’s whisper rap (or your own talent) into vintage gold with the VinylRecorder T560.

Keith Nelson Jr. is a music appreciator bordering on elitist trying to connect all the dots. He graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 with a B.A. in English & Textual Studies. Tweet at him at @JusAire.