Happy Birthday Spotify! Love, SoundCtrl and the USA

Spotify first landed in the US on July 14th, 2011, which means this Saturday will mark its one year anniversary in the States.  So how’s it doing?  Here’s a look at a few metrics, based on information pulled from Spotify, leaks, and analyst estimates.

I. Paid Subscribers (US)

July 14, 2011: 0

July 14, 2012: ~800,000 (est.)*

II. Active Users (US)

July 14, 2011: 0

July 14, 2012: ~4 million (est.)*

(note: year one expectation set by Spotify: 50 million users)

III. Limitations on Free Plays (US)

July 14, 2011: unlimited (w/ ads)

July 14, 2012: unlimited (w/ ads)

To see some more stats visit our friends over at Digital Music News.