Indaba Music Launches Social Contest Suite: Amplifying Music Marketing for Brands and Labels

Former FlashFWD recipient Indaba Music, an online community of musicians and marketplace for music opportunities, launched its Social Contest Suite, an end-to-end music marketing platform that connects its more than 700,000 independent musicians with fans via a socially integrated music discovery product. The new product is going live with the likes of Usher, Matisyahu, The Temper Trap and Jason Mraz offering opportunities for the community.

Indaba Music began developing its Social Contest Suite in late 2011 in response to the success of its Opportunity Marketplace programs and the growing consumption of music across social networks. Successful previous campaigns include Red Bull, Kate Spade NY, Alicia Keys and Staind. Designed to convert social actions into earned media, those campaigns averaged 27 minutes of listening per fan and a 500% increase in social actions per campaign that in turn earned each program over 20M digital impressions.

With the Social Contest Suite, fans can enter an opportunity, listen to a submission, comment, and cast a vote with a single click, and have their actions syndicated to Facebook’s news and ticker feeds. Musicians and fans alike can now participate in the same contest experience across a brand’s own internet properties. With a new design, the contest application has room for branding while also providing the technology to stream submissions, comment, and share from any site.

Indaba Music also developed an algorithm that curates contest submissions based on a social virality score. As fans listen, vote, and share their favorite music, the algorithm surfaces “Trending Tracks” for fans. Leading up to today’s launch, the algorithm has lengthened the averaging listening time per fan from 10 to over 27 minutes per contest.

“A common challenge that our music industry and brand clients face is how to connect with a larger audience via digital marketing campaigns. Indaba Music’s Social Contest Suite provides marketers with a scalable solution by leveraging social networks and the traffic of their own, branded properties,” said J.J. Rosen, Chief Executive Officer, Indaba Music. “With this launch we’re uniquely positioned to painlessly connect brands and record labels with musical talent to create custom, unique content that’s then amplified by millions of socially connected fans.”

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