Libox has landed (in the clouds…sort of)

Apple may have bought (and subsequently shut down) Lala for its cloud technology to be a step ahead, but they got another thing coming.  From Israel, comes Libox.  From their about section:

LIBOX virtualizes your media collection, minimizing the work needed to manage it and creating a seamless experience from the desktop to the Web and across devices.

In other words, Libox synchs digital content (video, music, pictures) between desktop software, the cloud, and your mobile device, which you can then share with anyone else you want on the Libox platform.  However, Libox differs even more than iTunes because of its social functions of sharing, commenting, and messaging.  The real meat is that they have a patent-pending process which essentially utilizes a unique kind of peer-to-peer sharing technology negating the need to host all the imported media on servers, which in turn allows Libox to make the service free for all users.  For more info on this technology, click here.  Also, there is a pretty cool article that goes into more depth which you can check out here.

I met Erez, who founded Libox, at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference where he gave me an exclusive look at the functionality.  Erez, isn’t the most eloquent speaker, but I was able to follow along with what he was saying, and definitely believe in his product as well as the vision he has for the future of his product (including its revenue streams).

And then last Thursday, I was able to beta-test it before it officially launched on Tuesday and took a few screen shots (note: click to enlarge), so people can see how it works and a few of its features before you (hopefully) sign up.

login screen

home screen

This is the home screen for both the desktop and web version


You can easily import your media or just drag a file


It's really easy to share with your Libox friends


Once you share, you can comment like a Facebook photo.

instant messaging

IM with any of your Libox friends

audio player

It's very easy to make playlists from the music you add or the music that people share with you

It looks pretty cool…right?  Test it out and be sure to friend me.



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