MakerBot Introduces the Mixtape for the Modern Age

by Dave Mainella

Anyone nostalgic for the days of exchanging personalized tape cassettes full of hand-picked musical favorites can celebrate the recent creation of Brooklyn-based MakerBot.  The MakerBot Mixtape brings back mixtape fun with a modern, and 3D, twist.

The MakerBot Applications team developed this DIY project for use with the MakerBot Replicator, a 3D home printer.  Customers can download the design files from Thingverse, order the electronics kit from MakerBot, and assemble their very own MakerBot Mixtape.

Thankfully, MakerBot also sells an already-made Mixtape for those without 3D home printing capabilities.

The MakerBot Mixtape is just as functional as it is cool.  The MP3 device has 2 GB of memory, a 4 hour batter life, and an easy-to-connect USB functionality.