Musicplayr finally goes mobile for iOS

By Kira Grunenberg

We have been following the exploits of German-founded music sharing startup Musicplayr, since the summer when they started to get the ball rolling on awareness in the United States. Back in October, momentum hit a big high for the company after a €500,000 funding boom came into Musicplayr’s possession. Summing things up for those who may be hearing this company name for the first time, Musicplayr is a free service centered around the idea of sharing the music one loves –via existing outlets like SoundCloud, YouTube and  Vimeo– and the company doesn’t stray far from this mantra.

That focus may sound one-dimensional against the rest of the social media community and every other multi-functional platform out there, but founding partners Thorsten Lüttger and Stefan Vosskötter have made it clear for a long time, even devoting an entire blog post to explaining their stance, that they want to cut away from the excess of chatter and overstimulation so Musicplayr can stay true to what its name implies: a place to play, share, and express your favorite musical tastes.

One of the most anticipated aspects of Musicplayr’s development and march forward in the worlds of music and communication is the arrival of its iOS mobile app. Both Lüttger and Vosskötter have known when this piece of the puzzle finally got put into place, that they would become a much stronger contender in the field. Over the past few months, Musicplayr has been steadily adjusting and fine tuning its main web interface, taking user feedback –both from their initial private beta period and after going public– into constant consideration and sometimes implementing changes to the interface directly in response to an expressed concern or suggestion of something to improve user experiences.

One example, was the later addition of a bookmarking tab. Despite knowing Musicplayr had no app to this point, the founders wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to integrate Musicplayr into their everyday internet routines and not feel incumbered by having to specifically type in the web address and login for each song a person wants to share. After a person has created a profile, there is also a keyboard shortcut menu available to help streamline use even more. In this way, users were being prepped as much as possible for the mobile experience and accompanying interface that would ultimately make sharing favorite songs as easy as pushing “Like” on Facebook.

Now, for the mobile interface itself:

If a person has no Musicplayr profile prior to downloading the app, they can create one right after downloading and do so just as they would on a regular browser; via Facebook or a separate email address. If one wants to explore before signing up, there is a “Discovery” option that brings up a tile-like display of many existing profiles showing a user’s photo, their username and the first few of their listed preferred genres. One can then tap any of these profiles and see what songs a person has on their public playlists.

After signing up and getting a profile of one’s own, what one will see is an interface that is clean, runs smoothly and gives easy access to the core features of Musicplayr. At the bottom of the screen, a fixed option bar has buttons for the following:

Home screen or main music stream: Think of this like a newsfeed of the music posted by those you follow.

Individual Profile: This displays much like the web browser with one’s public playlists in view. To view a person’s profile text, tap the username and their followers and description appear.

The Discovery Menu: The same as what’s described above, tapping this will bring up others’ profiles for browsing and following or just liking individual songs to your profile that others have posted.

Tagging Screen: This seems to be the newest and most unique feature to the mobile app versus web access. Tapping this brings users to a screen with the Musicplayr mascot and a simple instruction to just give a single tap or shake of your phone to start a quick recording of whatever music that is playing around you. Following the sampling, the player will come back with the artist, title and album name of the specific track, as well as displaying videos circulating the web that feature the same artist. Having tested this element against music off a distantly playing, low volume television and active iTunes in a semi-noisy environment, the recorder and results given showed themselves to be very quick and accurate.

Overall, Musicplayr’s new app absolutely delivers, in spades, what Vosskötter and Lüttger have been working toward since they began. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Musicplayr forges ahead even faster now, than the speed it is already traveling with an app this solid. If the company continues listening to their users with such a high degree of immediate and serious response, that customer service factor can help set them apart as grounded and extremely likable, even if Musicplayr eventually rockets to the corporate stratosphere of social media.

Musicplayr can now be downloaded worldwide, free from the iTunes Store.

Kira is an old school music nerd with a love for all things creative; always searching for music’s common ground. She graduated with an M.A. in Performing Arts Administration from New York University. Drop her a tweet @shadowmelody1