Music:Tech Daily Wrap – Wednesday, June 13

What happened in music:tech today?

From SoundCtrl:

  • We chatted with award-winning video game music composer Mikko Tarmia

From around the web:

  • Google, Amazon Among ICANN Applicants For .music Domain – via
  • Apple Will Drop Ping from iTunes – via Rolling Stone: Gear Up
  • 93 Percent of Americans Still Listen to Broadcast Radio – via Digital Music News
  • Soundrop Earns A Little More Than A Drop In The Bucket – Raises $3 Million – via Startup Weekend
  • How Soundrop Is Helping Build the Spotify Economy – via
  • Amazon in Process Of Clearing Music Rights For Cloud – via
  • ‘ChatWithTheBand’ Lets Fans Video-Chat with Bands in Front of Everybody – via
  • BeatStars Launches Digital Production Marketplace – via hypebot

What did we miss?