Mobile Portfolio Management Launches Into Public Beta

By Dave Mainella

Today marks the launch into public beta., a “professional portfolio solution for the music industry” that offers mobile-ready marketing strategies, is now publicly available for the musicians, producers, DJs, managers, agents, and publicists looking to manage and promote their professional identities., the brainchild of Boston-based music start-up Indie Ambassador and its CEO Ben Maitland-Lewis, has enjoyed some muted success since its private beta launch at SXSW 2012.  They have grown their user base to 800 strong, a clientele that includes Big D and the Kids Table, Complex Music Group, Unicorn Music, and the Berklee College of Music.

Offering something of a digital business card for the 21st Century, provides users with a handful of important features.  The service offers storage for downloadable files like press releases, biographies, stage plots, and photos.  And with individual privacy settings, expiration dates for time-sensitive media, a WINS section summarizing key achievements, a centralized dashboard, a mobile-ready personalized URL, and full integration with SoundCloud, YouTube, and Vimeo, has all the fundamentals to become a successful force in the personal and professional music promotional marketplace. offers a tiered subscription service.  The free Starter plan allows for 1 mobile-ready Presskit with unlimited WINS and SoundCloud sync.  And for a limited-time offer of $1.99 per month (normally advertised as a $9.99 service), subscriber to the Pro plan are additionally allotted 10 mobile-ready Presskits with 1 GB of storage, private media and file sharing.

Further product developments are expected in the near future, including the anticipated Enterprise account: a tool for certain music professionals that allow bloggers, journalists, and venue owners access to a centralized dashboard of artist information.