Protect Your Ears: It’s all about the music!

By Charlie Holland

Following Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s announcement that he is suffering from tinnitus, the music industry has started taking the threat of hearing loss more seriously. There are plenty of options open to you to reduce this risk, but how do you know which ear defenders or earphones are best from those available on the market? Below is a selection of some of the better products currently available on the market.

Sensorcom ProGuard Earsonic Custom Earplug:

These top-end, custom earplugs are especially designed to offer some of the best protection around. Featuring acoustic filters uniquely designed by French Musician, Franck Lopez, they dramatically reduce the level of sound whilst still allowing you to hear the full acoustic experience. Just as importantly, these earplugs are constructed from hard-wearing acrylic making them both durable and comfortable for long periods of use. With a choice from three different levels of acoustic filter, you can even pick the level of protection that suits you best!


Atm Er-20 Protectorz:

Coming in from the lower end of the market, these high-fidelity, one-size-fits-most ear plugs are designed to reduce incoming volume from a wide variety of loud environments whilst still ensuring professional sound quality. The advantage that these have is that they are low-cost, ready to fit and reduce sound levels by up to 20db at all frequencies. These are perfect for those on a tight budget who still need protection!

Elacin ER9 custom ear protectors:

Incorporating a flat attenuating filter unique to this brand, these custom ear protectors offer a pre-defined ambient reduction of 25db whilst still ensuring quality of sound. Made from soft and resilient silicon, they are long-lasting, comfortable and offer protection with no loss of clarity or distortion. Designed with musicians in mind, these are used by many top performers and bands and come highly recommended!


ACS Pro custom hearing protectors:

Used by amateurs and professionals alike, these ear-plugs feature smaller filters than most other competing brands but offer no lesser quality in protection. What’s more, they are inter-changeable with other filters in the Pro range, meaning you only need one set of ear-moulds for varying environments, and water resistant. Again made from silicon, these are made to the highest standards of comfort and protection.

ACS T1 Triple Driver In Ear Monitor:

Finally, these ear-phones are right up there with the best on the market, featuring, as they do, an unbeatable level of clarity and precision. Once more made from silicon, they are flexible to better mould to the shape of your ear offering more comfort and precision than can be found in lesser quality products and are great value for money from a reputable brand!

These products, plus a lot more, can be found at London’s best underground record shop, BM Soho.