Rap Wars app from Shore Productions brings the rap battle to the smartphone set

By Alex Galbraith

We’ve all been there.

You want to be a famous rapper but (from the 10 minutes you saw of 8 Mile) underground rap battles look scary and you would stick out like a sore thumb at any legitimate exchange of rhyming barbs. “Do I even OWN a hoodie?” you ask yourself, before once again shelving any dreams of cypher superstardom.

Well, worry no longer, timid track-rippers. Shore Productions has heard your cries.

Their new Rap Wars app (available for iPhone and Android) brings the time-honored rap battle tradition into the 21st century, allowing the illest of introverts to spread their skills via smartphone, tablet, or the web.

Aspiring beat-slayers can upload their raps, publish new tracks on Facebook and Twitter, battle other rappers remotely, join in a cypher, and submit beats. Other users can rate uploaded raps to decide who is “Rap King.”

The app comes in free and $1.99 versions. The paid version is ad-free and comes with 100 Beat Creds (the app’s official currency) for purchasing new beats.

Haven’t had a chance to upgrade to the latest in phone tech? That doesn’t mean you can’t join in the action. Rap Wars is available on the web as well!

That’s right, Apple fanboys. Prepare to battle plebs.