Rdio Amps Up To 18M Tracks With New CD Baby And TuneCore Deals

By Ingrid Lunden – via TechCrunch

If part of the game in streaming music is to have the biggest catalog of tracks, then today Rdio made a significant move to turn its volume up to Spotify levels, and gain some street cred with indie fans in the process: it announced two key deals with CD Baby and TuneCore, both independent music aggregators, that ramps up its total track number to 18 million songs, and adds some 250,000 new musicians into the catalog.

This could actually put Rdio just ahead of Spotify in terms of catalog size. As of June 2012 Spotify had 17 million songs in its catalog, compared to the 18 million now touted by Rdio — although Spotify’s numbers may now be bigger than this. In terms of label agreements, Spotify already had deals with both TuneCore and CD Baby, so this is really more about Rdio stepping up to meet the challenge rather than go beyond what Spotify offers.

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