Rdio Announces Artist Program

by Dave Mainella

Earlier this week, streaming music service Rdio announced the launch of their Rdio Artist Program.  Rdio is hoping to better compete with Spotify, aiming to attract more subscribers by now offering further monetary incentives to artists that reward fan engagement.

The Artist Program is open to any artist with a Rdio artist page and account.  Artists are encouraged to tap into their fan base, sharing their own music and their other musical preferences on Rdio.  Then, for every new subscriber that signs up through an artist’s trackable Rdio link, they earn $10.  Artists, of course, also continue to earn standard royalty and licensing rates for the streaming of their music.

Other perks include instant web access to affiliate tracking, a complimentary Rdio subscription, and access to Rdio tips and support.

The program has already attracted the attention of Scissor Sisters, Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg), Chromeo, A-Trak, and Brendan Benson.  These artists, as well as any others with a significant online following, stand to benefit from the program as they can easily drive traffic to Rdio via social media outlets, and Rdio stands to benefit from the increase in user base.