Scott Snibbe and Passion Pit Collaborate on the Newest “App EP”

by Dave Mainella

Wednesday marked the release of Passion Pit’s newest “app EP” entitled “Gossamer”.  This fantastic mobile-app-based musical experience was developed by interactive artist, and FlashFWD award winner, Scott Snibbe.

We talked to Snibbe regarding his work on Bjork’s “Biophelia” app album, a ground-breaking exploration into new music distribution that began to prove mobile apps as a legitimate musical platform.

“Gossamer” is Snibbe’s newest app collaboration.  It features different interactive experiences of Passion Pit’s two songs, “Take a Walk” and “Carried Away”.  Each track can be enjoyed in two ways: first, as a generative and user-affected music video that offers a unique combination of graphics, animations, and photographs by Mark Borthwick (who made the album artwork), and second, as an interactive remix that allows users to create new versions of the songs.

Mobile applications as music distribution are gaining momentum.  And many artists, like Passion Pit bassist Jeff Apruzzese, approve.  “As the old ‘traditional’ model of the music industry and selling records continues to change, bands will need to adapt to keep up. As a musician, this is a great opportunity to collaborate with artists to create a whole different aspect of your music and create a living brand.”

Passion Pit first worked with Snibbe for their performance at the Webby awards earlier this year.  Snibbe created background visuals for the performance: bubble-like imagery based on a Voronoi Diagram that eventually became the basis for the “Gossamer” app.

You can download Passion Pit’s “Gossamer” app EP for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch here.