Social Media Summit at Grammy’s

Watching these videos, I was:

  1. surprised by how few people were in the audience.
  2. surprised why someone from CNN moderated the panel.
  3. surprised why no music tech folk were on the panel (ie, Pandora, Hype Machine, Grooveshark, Spotify…)
  4. surprised even more why Jared Leto was there.  Granted he’s in a band, it’s like putting Michael Jordan on a panel about baseball.
 Charley Gallay /

Charley Gallay /

Anyways, I have to happy a little bit.  The fact that the GRAMMY’S are acknowledging the Internet and the potential to monetize money online is a huge step in the right direction.  Next year my goal is to have SoundCtrl curating this panel to make sure it’s done right!



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