SoundCtrl Top List: Patriotic Music Apps

by Jessisa Wunsch

Our nation’s birthday is right around the corner, and what is more American now than our crowning music technology triumph, the Apple iPhone/iPad?

You can’t go anywhere without seeing an iOS device in someone’s hands. This Independence Day, celebrate our freedom in the digital era by downloading one (or more) of the following applications, which are just as entertaining as they are nationalistic.

Patriotic Tunes (Free)

The perfect app for this Wednesday’s festivities, Patriotic Tunes includes such classics as “America The Beautiful” and “Grand Ole Flag” – two great songs for either your southern-style BBQ or while watching your local fireworks show.

USA Radio Recorder (Free)

Play and record more than 500 U.S.-based radio stations with the USA Radio Recorder. I features genres like Dance, Top 40 and R&B. The music app also provides current American song updates and information on the latest happenings in the entertainment industry.

Fireworks Pop ($0.99)

Move Over Angry Birds… you’re about to meet your next addictive game. Behold Fireworks Pop, where you can create spectacular pyrotechnic firework performances (and a literally popping compilation) just by tapping the screen with a select a firecracker style and color. If you’re looking for a real challenge, try performing Avicii’s “Levels” with these colorful bursts.

America’s Top 100 Songs ($1.99)

This easy-to-use music app will your your choice from a list of America’s 100 most popular music videos in a weekly updated playlist. Think of it as American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest combined with YouTube.

Color Smash America ($0.99)

Lay down beats in red, white and blue. Color Smash America is a musical beat creator game that takes simple sounds and turns them into creative musical beats against a backdrop of patriotic style stages. With over 40 sound effects it will hardly take you any time at all to come up with your own sick beat.

USAChant ($0.99)

The contagious chant that you may hear often at sports bars can now be readily available on your iPhone or iPad. Just give it a shake and you’ll hear a hearty “U-S-A! U-S-A!” cheer as the letters appear, large and bold, on the screen.