SoundCtrl at SXSW – Vote for our panel!

We know there’s a lot of proposed SXSW panels vying for your attention these days, but SoundCtrl has submitted our own panel, “Building HyperNiche Communities for Bands & Brands”. Be sure to cast your vote!

In 2012, connectivity is king and Backplane is seeking to improve the ways we connect. The Backplane team is creating a new type of social corridor that empowers sharing and conversation that is effortless but not automatic. Their first community, Lady Gaga’s #LittleMonsters, is the first fan site of its kind – it’s its own social network. With over 250,000 members worldwide in only the first week of operation, the site creates intuitive connections between fans, topics, and media. More of these hyper-niche communities are expected to launch over the course of the next year, with Nike’s next on the horizon.

In this fireside chat, SoundCtrl CEO Jesse Kirshbaum will sit down with Backplane Founder Matt Michelsen and members of the Backplane management team to discuss the evolution of and vision for Backplane and the communities they seek to build.

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