SoundCtrl Top List: Dress Up Your Gadget — iPad Gear

By Jessica Wunsch

Want to really make your iPad your own? Luckily there are so many options out there to give your pad a pop, whether your looking for a fun, unique design, or something a little more utilitarian, SoundCtrl has got you covered.


The growing trend right now is iPad decals, which can really give your iPad a fun element with its cute designs and pop culture references. The Decal Guru has plenty of great options, all for $12.99, while Etsy also serves as a hotspot for decal design at great prices ranging from $5 to $10.


Apple Juice, $13, The Decal Guru Superman, $7, Etsy


Keyboard Cases

Many cases come with keyboard sets now, turning your iPad into a more lighter, compact laptop. Brookstone’s keyboard cases come in both leather and non-leather options.

Bluetooth Keyboard Pro with Leather Case for iPad Tablets, $150, Brookstone

Designer Cases

Today, it seems like every designer as developed their own iPad case, and some of them are actually pretty neat. From Burberry to Marc Jacobs to Tory Burch, Bloomingdales has an attire array of high-end covers to choose, allowing you choose your favorite case from your favorite designer.

Tory Burch iPad Case – Robinson Flip Handle, $165, Bloomingdales