SoundExchange and BandPage Bring Musicians $2 Million in Unclaimed Royalties

by Dave Mainella

Thousands of users on BandPage, the powerful online management tool for modern musicians, recently collected more than $2 million in unclaimed performance royalties.  BandPage, a 2012 FlashFWD award winner for Best in Artist Support, teamed up with SoundExchange, a non-profit entrusted by Congress to help distribute performance royalties to musicians and record labels.  The result of the collaboration is a lot of money in more musicians’ hands.

Since SoundExchange’s inception, the organization has distributed more than $1 billion in royalties to artists and their labels.  They’ve recently streamlined the registration process, hoping to add more artist accounts and find, collect, and distribute even more unclaimed royalties.

The partnership with BandPage adds 500,000 musicians to the tens of thousands already registered with SoundExchange.

Chris Wiltsee, Director of Business Development at BandPage, shares the company’s excitement.  “It’s incredible the amount of money that goes unclaimed each year, and we’re thrilled to be working with organizations like SoundExchange to help put that money back into working musicians’ hands.”