SoundTracking Introduces Spotify App with Instagram Integration

by Dave Mainella

Today, Schematic Labs‘ social music start-up SoundTracking announced their app for Spotify.  For those unfamiliar, SoundTracking allows users to create musical “postcards” and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. These postcards simultaneously include an audio clip, photo, and tagging their location.

Until today, SoundTracking was only available as an iOS and Android app.  It is now also available as a dedicated Spotify app.  Signing in to the app on the Spotify platform through Facebook or Twitter allows users to share the songs they’re listening to with friends on SoundTracking.  Users can also create Spotify playlists from any SoundTracking feed – your own soundtrack, a favorite DJ’s, or one of your friends’.

SoundTracking has also partnered with Instagram to give users the option of sharing music with photos attached from the popular photo-sharing app.  Unfortunately, the Instagram capabilities are only available on the Spotify app and not through mobile iOS or Android.  But regardless, it’s still an impressive and appropriate step towards the true audio and visual integration that SoundTracking aims to provide.

The team at Schematic Labs explains, “We’re bringing the best of Spotify and Instagram right into your SoundTracking experience to make your favorite jams and music moments even more colorful to share, listen to, and view.”

Users now have a rich desktop SoundTracking platform that gives them the opportunity to stream and listen to full songs, while continuing to expand upon its social sharing features.  And while nothing has officially been announced, the logical next step is to bring these new SoundTracking features – especially Instagram integration – to the mobile platform.