Spinnin’ Records launches Talent Pool App for unsigned artists

by Dave Mainella

Spinin’ Records, one of the biggest independent dance music record labels in the world, quietly launched a brand new A&R and discovery app this past Friday.  Typically receiving more than 150 daily demos from aspiring music producers, Spinnin’ Records has found a solution in their new Talent Pool app for better streamlining the A&R process and finding those special artists deserving of a listen and, potentially, of a record deal.

The Talent Pool app allows unsigned, independent producers and artists to submit their uploaded SoundCloud productions and have their social media fan-base vote via the integrated app on Facebook.  The more votes a track gets, the higher it ranks on the app’s chart; the highest ranked music gets pushed into the inboxes of Spinnin’s A&R staff.

“We understand this does not 100% solve the problem of talent scouting new producers and music because not every new producer will have the social media following or self-marketing acumen to push the track forward,” Spinnin’s marketing manager Meindert Kennis said in a press release.  “We are utilizing this tool to help streamline our talent scouting, but it is only one component of Spinnin’ A&R.”

The app, developed in cooperation with Dutch software designer Digined, saw an impressive 300 demo submissions over the weekend and 5,000 unique social media voters.