Spotify Now Paying SoundExchange for Mobile Radio Streams in U.S., Lowers Royalty Bill

By Glenn Peoples – via

Spotify is lowering its royalty obligation in the U.S. The digital service is now paying webcasting royalties to SoundExchange for the streams on the free Internet radio service on its mobile app it launched in June.

A company spokesperson confirmed to that Spotify is taking advantage of the statutory license in the U.S. The company was one of many listed on a September 13 SoundExchange blog post citing the most recent digital services to notify the U.S. copyright of their intent to operating under the Section 114 statutory license.

But you won’t find the Beatles or other subscription service holdouts on Spotify’s mobile app even though most every other webcaster has the band in its catalog. The company spokesperson told that Spotify’s mobile radio service would use the same catalog used by the on-demand service.

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