Stagedom: Bringing musicians’ news (and everything else) to the front and center

by Kira Grunenberg

Joining the leagues of apps available in the iTunes store, Stagedom is the newest platform that aims to help unify artists and their many fans.

To sum it up in “elevator pitch time” for readers out there: Stagedom is like the one stop shop for everything you could need or want when you’re looking to follow a favorite band. What makes this app stand out though? One might be inclined to turn to other apps or tools, since there are so many ways to be kept up to date and in the loop with any band’s goings on.

Interestingly enough, in SoundCtrl’s efforts to cover stories on all different kinds of cool tech, it wasn’t difficult to think of a similar app that provides instant updates about artists and their music. Mike Lamardo’s piece from July 17th, on the Sound Calendar app, talks about the app’s ability to scan a person’s “i” device for their music and proceed to tell the user if artists they listen to have released new music, pull up previews, and recommend similar bands. There is also an app called Songkick, that scans and creates a calendar for users, based on artists’ upcoming tour dates.

So why Stagedom? It doesn’t sound that different -particularly when closely marketed competitors are already out as well…

Stagedom sets itself apart from its competition by being absolutely true to its word. One stop shop means just that. Here’s what users have access to with only a few taps from one feature to the next:

  •  Artist’s videos
  • Buying Concert Tickets and music
  • Updates from artists’ different social media pages
  • Socialization and connection with other fans right from the app
  • New music recommendations and listening ability

Already it’s easy to see that Stagedom goes an extra mile to combine some of the desired features from similar apps. Everything is brought to users via Stagedom’s “Stage Feed” and app creator, Shahar Nechmad, told TechCrunch that he aims to have Stagedom provide “quick access.” Nechmad emphasized the benefits from having a single source because of the wider potential for appeal among fans of varying levels of familiarity -from the new to the super, long time fan. “No one wants to install 15 different [artist specific] apps.”

If the lingering question of legality is causing uncertainty about whether or not to download Stagedom, worry no more. All the goodies available to users are obtained from completely legal and transparent sources, so there’s no concern that the info one finds posted on Monday will be ripped down on Tuesday morning. To do one better, even if there was a chance info could get pulled down, there’s no risk to getting a slipshod product and losing money because Stagedom is free and is available in 12 languages in addition to English!

Stagedom will also be expanded upon via a three part plan, which Nechmad mentioned to Tech Crunch as well, but no additional details beyond that as of yet.

You can download Stagedom now, from their homepage or the iTunes Store.

Kira is an old school music nerd with a love for all things creative; always searching for music’s common ground. She graduated with an M.A. in Performing Arts Administration from New York University. Drop her a tweet @shadowmelody1