Startup “Tell My Friends” Offers Cash for Sharing Music

by Dave Mainella

Singapore-based Tell My Friends offers a patent-pending way to combat online piracy.  The motivation behind paying for music is the possibility of earning a commission each time you share music links online.

Users with a Tell My Friends account can purchase songs online for $1.60 each.  They are then offered the opportunity to link to the music on a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and by email.  Each time someone clicks on the shared link and purchases the song, the original sharer earns $0.21 from each purchase.  A tiered system offers the additional money for up to 10 tiers, at a lower percentage each time, each time additional friends share your link and purchase music.

More information about the tiered system, and how the entire process works, can be found on their official site.

With a mantra of “Help People. Save Music”, the goal is to provide incentives to pay for licensed music.  Tell My Friends only sells songs from music labels and artists who have given distribution rights in return for an agreed royalty.  Partners listed on their website include Universal Music, Sony ATV, EMI, and Warner Brothers.

Ben Looi, CEO of Tell My Friends, explains, “We aim to counter piracy NOT by technology or enforcement, but by positive reinforcement of the right behavior.”

There are other admirable qualities the startup is offering, including a “secret angel program” where consumers can direct their commissions to a charity or cause.

Good intentions like these are reasons to keep an eye on Tell My Friends and other similar ways of encouraging legal and supportive musical enjoyment.

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